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    WiFi - offering so much
    more than
    just connectivity.

The best solution for guest wireless networking

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Full list of features


Essentials for using Mi-WiFi

    A Mi-WiFi configured router at the breakout point of the network that manages the WiFi.

    Decent internet connectivity.

  • Mi-WiFi is a SAAS product. It requires either a SonicWall Firewall or MikroTik router

    • We have chosen two router options to work with. SonicWall - a high end superior performance firewall and router which offers great flexibility and features within Mi-WiFi. And MikroTik - a good router for providing a more economical option with fewer Mi-WiFi features

  • Mi-WiFi works with most Access Point

    • Aruba, Ubiquity, Ruckus, SonicWall, MikroTik, and we're constantly fine tuning and developing Mi-WiFi to work with more.

  • Mi-WiFi works with any Service Provider

    • Wireless, DSL, or which ever ISP you choose. Just ensure that the connectivity is decent enough for sharing with guests. You can't offer great Mi-WiFi services if you're not getting a great feed.

Mi-WiFi Features SonicWALL MikroTik
Centrally managed solution
Branding of login pages
Time and date specific layouts
Different SSID's = different branding layouts
Multiple Admin levels
Email notification of Access Codes
Statistics Comprehensive Comprehensive
Hardware Features
Walled garden
Statistics and Usage reports Limited
Firewall Protocol settings Comprehensive Limited
Site Blocking Comprehensive Limited
Peer-2-Peer Blocking/Torrent Blocking Comprehensive Limited


The pricing works on concurrent connections. It is sold as a monthly or yearly license and renewable at a 25% discount. When hosting events - get 5 times the license concurrency permissable to cater for larger groups. For more details, see our FAQ.

Package Monthly or Annual
Concurrent Connections 10 25 50 100 500 1000 Custom