The Best Solution for Guest Wireless Networking!

Stadia & Outdoor Venues

Mi-WiFi allows you to offer Internet access to a variety of guests, further increasing your value add and improving your reputation. Access can be given to all visitors or to a select group, such as members of the media.
Media often need to feed information back, and providing them with a fast and managed connection will enable relevant news to be updated efficiently. With options available that can scale to thousands of users as well as mobile units that are able to cater for outdoor events and functions, Mi-WiFi has you covered.

Mi-WiFi Access Examples Include:

  • Pre-printed cards.
  • Printed signage for display in Wi-Fi area.
  • Open access with predefined usage limits.
  • Capture guests details for marketing opportunities.
  • Access only available between specified periods.


Branding is managed by the facility/establishment and they have full control over changing it whenever they choose to. Branding can be displayed:

  • On the printed tokens for VIP users.
  • On the logon page. It is fully customisable and allows for branding and displaying advertising.
  • For special festivals or events, the logon page of Mi-WiFi can be branded accordingly.


  • Revenue opportunity by selling advertising space on the logon page.
  • A Mi-WiFi sign would be an appealing option to have up for customers to identify a wireless hotspot.


  • Content Filtering Restrict access to sites that could be considered offensive or are prohibited.
  • Bandwidth Management Ability to block torrent/peer-to-peer sites, thereby preventing bandwidth from being exploited.
  • Guest Security Users are isolated from each other, ensuring privacy and reducing the potential for spreading of Viruses.
  • Multiple Networks (SSID) Allows an establishment to have multiple networks (SSID's) running off the same hardware.
  • Fairnet Ensures even distribution of bandwidth, preventing a user from "hogging the line" to the detriment of other users.
  • Statistics Gather details on usage and how people make use of your Wi-Fi.


Showcase your services and products to guests while they wait or create a survey that gets you valuable insights into customer satisfaction levels. By offering additional value to clients you confirm your commitment to them and prove that their business is appreciated.