The Best Solution for Guest Wireless Networking!

Coffee Shops, Cafes & Resturants

With the growth of mobile devices and trend towards a mobile workforce, more people are doing business away from the office, often at places like coffee shops and restaurants. By offering a secure and well managed Wi-Fi connection, these mobile users will be more inclined to come to your premises, affording you the ability to increase occupancy over normally quite times as well as building customer relationships and loyalty. Being a public space, you need to be considerate of your guests’ wireless experience and safety.

Mi-WiFi allows you to manage access to the Internet and block sites that may be considered offensive, such as adult content or hate speech. By preventing users from downloading large files or connecting to torrent sites, you are able to ensure all users have a great "connected" experience. As the establishment, you have the ability to define how to offer Internet access: Limited free access, most often offered with the purchase of a coffee or meal, or charge for access. Amount of access given can be determined by time or bandwidth, or any combination thereof. By having customers register with their name and email address, a database can be gathered for future marketing.

Mi-WiFi Access Examples Include:

  • Pre-printed tokens in the form of a business card.
  • Tokens can be printed in-house on an office printer or till slip.

Mi-WiFi allows you to fully brand the log on page guests will see, giving you the ability to advertise your specials or even sell advertising space. The benefits of offering a free service to guests, along with customer satisfaction gained, far outweighs the costs associated in providing Internet access.


Branding is managed by the facility/establishment and they have full control over changing it whenever they want. Branding can be displayed:

  • On the printed tokens for VIP users.
  • On the logon page. It is fully customisable and allows for branding and displaying advertising.
  • For chains there is the option to create and monitor uniform branding standards across all stores, but also individualise to each if desired.


  • Offered revenue potential by selling advertising space on the logon page.
  • Ability to show specials on different days and at different times (e.g.: Tuesday breakfast, Saturday Dinner etc.)
  • Mi-WiFi signage to bring your Hot Spot to customers' attention.


  • Content Filtering Restrict access to sites that could be considered offensive or are prohibited.
  • Bandwidth Management Ability to block torrent/peer-to-peer sites, thereby preventing bandwidth from being exploited.
  • Guest Security Users are isolated from each other, ensuring privacy and reducing the potential for spreading of Viruses.
  • Multiple Networks (SSID) Allows an establishment to have multiple networks (SSID's) running off the same hardware.
  • Fairnet Ensures even distribution of bandwidth, preventing a user from "hogging the line" to the detriment of other users.
  • Statistics Gather details on usage and how people make use of your Wi-Fi.